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    Setting up Slingbox Classic via IE11 on a 64-bit Windows 7 PC

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      Hi to the community


      I am new to Slingbox.  I am trying to setup a Classic via IE11 on a 64-bit Windows PC.  I can't get passed the "Locating your Slingbox on the network" message at http://setup.slingbox.com/web-setupassistant/installPlugin/index


      I have switched off the Domain Profile and Private Profile in the only Firewall running on my PC (Windows Firewall with Advanced Security) and this makes no difference.


      I am also running AVG Free but this does not include firewall functionality.


      I should add that the Slingbox is categorically connected to the same network as my PC (the former via Ethernet, the latter via Wi-Fi).


      I am now at a loss for what to try so am in need of assistance from anyone who's been in my position before.