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    Player launch button not present

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      I have been successfully using Slingbox hooked to 2 different Roku players for 6 mos. Player in US - slinging to UK.  Yesterday the "button" that transfers the video to the Roku form the iPhone just did not show up.  I went through the normal process of cycling power on all the devices (phone, DVR, SlingBox, Roku) and nothing - still playing only on the phone.  I reconfigured the video (because the remote feature had also stopped) and no change.   Repeated the steps last evening and everything was back to normal.   Next morning the transfer button is gone again.  Has anybody seen this on their setup?  

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          Same issue... but only on Roku TVs that came with Roku sticks in the MHL ports (3).  TVs with sticks in standard USB ports (2) still appear.  Removing and reloading the Slingplayer app on the iPhone will fix it... for a short time... then the Roku TVs disappear.  Somebody broke something...