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    Audio/Video Stuttering with new Arris Portal-need help!


      I have a slingbox 350 that has been working perfectly with our PVR (Motorola DCT3416I) connected via component.  A week ago we upgraded to an Arris gateway and portal (MP2150A/NR). Since the switch (using component to the slingbox as before) the picture and sound when watching the sling rapidly stutters and cuts in & out about every second or two. I have checked the bandwidth indicator (excellent) and bitrate (8136 kbps).  I have switched the network connection from wifi to ethernet. I have also tried using composite from portal to slingbox. The results are the same with every test.  I get the exact same performance on 4 different devices (2 desktops, a laptop and an iPad) with no difference if inside our home LAN or over the internet somewhere else.  I have checked the component outputs on the portal by connecting them to a TV and it works perfectly.  I have reattached the sling to the old PVR just to be sure and it works perfectly when attached to it (continuing to use the old PVR is not an option).  Interestingly, the remote function works perfectly.  So, I am at wits end about what is going on – I feel like I have checked every possible problem, but still no solution. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.