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    Slingbox won't work unless TV is On


      I set up Slingbox last night with a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD cable box and it appears to work fine....  until I turn the TV off.


      Once the TV is off ()but the cable box is still on) the video turns off and is replace with the message:

      "Your TV does not allow display of this program through the DVI input source.  Please choose another TV input source"


      The way I have it configured, The cable enters the house and goed into the cable box.  There is an HDMI cable directly from the cable box (out) to the TV (in).  I have installed all the following connections from the cable box (out) to the slingbox (in):






      Configuring the slingbox to view any of these options, returns the same result.  Oddly, id I configure the slingbox to access "Component" video (red, green, blue) I get the message that no video signal is detected, regardless of the state of the TV.


      Can anyone help me?  I certainly don't want to have to leave the TV on all the time

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          Ah...  I found this:



          Looks like I can't use HDMI to the TV back to old technology

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              I recently purchased the slingbox and had the same question.  But I'm confused about one thing.....


              If I switch to component as my source from my Tivo to my TV then I end up falling short for connecting my DVD player.  My Samsung LED TV has 4 HDMI connections but only 1 connection for component/composite (both as one which I find odd).  I feel like it's now pushing me to get a Blu-ray so I can connect via HDMI.  Any other alternative? Can I purchase a component hub where can connect more than one?


              Also since the Tivo box only has 1 set of Audio out put how do I get sounds for the slingbox.  I'm no longer using HDMI now so I have no choice to use the componets which require an audio connection.  Now that I'm utitlizing my only audio connection how do I get audio to the slingbox?


              Quick Summary of my questions:

              1-Tivo only has 1 audio output so how do I get audio to slingbox?

              2-How do I connect my DVD player so I can watch a movie on my TV?

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                  jimfitzgerald Apprentice

                  I have HDMI from my Charter cable box (Motorola) to my Samsung flatscreen.  I have component from my Charter cable box to my Slingbox SOLO.  Everything works great.  I guess one or more of your components is not compatible with HDMI.  If you can figure out which it is, maybe you could replace it.