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    Issues with scrolling white lines on playback


      So Ive had my slingbox for 2 years now and its been working great no complaints I enjoy it alot.  Issue I am having now thats never happened before is there are white lines that are appearing.  These lines done seem to go away whether I am using composite or component cables.  Ive also tried new cables and nothing changed.  I tried going through the set-up assistant and doing that again as well as hitting the reset button on the back.  Did not hold it down to completely reset the box though.  So any thoughts as to the problem or other trouble shooting ideas.  My next step is to test the component cables comming from the back of my cable box directly into the tv see if there are issues there.  But thats all I have or can think of to trouble shoot.



      Attached is an image of what im refering to the problem.