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    Customer Support Experience - Be Careful


      I recently spent 2 days on the phone with customer support whereafter they determined that the fact that my slingbox pro-hd would not connect to the network was not a hardware problem, but a problem with the network.  Note that my network had not changed and the slingbox was alternately blinking the logo then the network light approximately every thirty seconds while the power light remained on.


      After purchasing a new slingbox pro-hd, it turns out the power supply on the malfunctioning slingbox was no good.  It was very hot, almost melting, yet the power light on the slingbox remained on, but I guess it did not get enough power to run all the hardware.  Sling support should have caught this, but it took me screwing around for 2 days and actually purchasing another device in order to figure it out.  I have 6 of these things running, yet their customer support people treated me like ****.


      Watch out.  if they say the problem is not their fault, it probably is.

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          eferz Expert

          It just might be the failure of the one customer representative.  They shouldn't have closed the case since the problem still exists after the call.  Otherwise its a pretty big cop out to blame it on the network anytime they just want to get off the phone.  I would recommend calling back and demanding your credit refund since you were able to figure out for yourself that their diagnosis was wrong.