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    Has the Slings customer database been hacked?


      I received a sling branded email from editor@slingmedia.com, offering a 'SlingCatcher' to my private email, used for my sling account. spam, so


      It is unlikely that it is general spam, so has the Slings customer database been hacked?


      The resulting 'sling branded' website asks for my account login and payment!


      Sling support in Costa Rica, via the chat, were not concerned and a supervisor suggested it was fraudulent and that I should contact the potential thief!.


      Has anyone else had such a message, or are aware it is simply a seller copying the sling brand, to sell better.


      Connecting a third party to my network, and even downloading an exe to chat with sling support, is scary, if sling is not secure!


      Thank you.




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