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    Slingbox Classic on HTC Incredible


      I have the Slingbox Classic and the App for Slingplayer Mobile for Andriod says that it is not supported although they may work with some configurations.  Has anyone tried this out.  I do not want to pay $30 to find out it does not even work.  If I do try it out and it does not work can I get refunded for the App?

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          dispencer Novice

          I purchased and loader SlingPlayer Mobile to my HTC Legend and it works without problem when connected to my SlingBox Classic.  Give it a try.  If it doesn't work on your HTC Incredible then you have 24 hours to get a refund.

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              eferz Expert

              If you did a search, you would have found many posts regarding this.  In fact this thread (https://community.sling.com/message/8132#8132) seems to indicate that most people have been successful at getting it to work.  The idea is that it can work, but its not officially supported.


              But, like dispencer said, you have 24 hours to "return" the software before you're actually charged for it.

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                infinitempg Newbie

                I just picked up a used SlingBox AV and hooked it up to a Verizon HD Fios tuner box and it worked great on my laptop.  When I was sitting at home and downloaded the Android App for my Incredible, it didn't work the first time.  I shut down the app and the second time it fired up and started working.  I walked around the house (connected to my local WiFi) and it was solid and worked great.  Now I am at work and when I fire it up, it works but then it will freeze, picture locks and sound gone.... a few seconds later it will fire back up again.  Then it will lock and not restart.  Then I restart the app again and it will start again.  Then a few minutes later it will freeze, then work again, then a few minutes later freeze, etc.


                My question is, does this mean the app is working but I'm having WiFi issues or does it mean I am victim of the SlingBox AV is supposedly not compatible with the droid app??????

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