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    Slingplayer app for Apple TV?


      Hi the new Apple TV launched last week (4th gen) finally supports App Store. I bought one over the weekend and was disappointed to find that there is no Apple TV version of Slingplayer app. (It seems that you can't download apps created for iPhone or iPad on Apple TV either)


      I know you can stream from iPhone/iPad to Apple TV but I'd rather have a native Apple TV app.


      Is Apple TV version of Slingplayer app being created?  Thanks.

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          This would be huge.  Sling team - can you at least respond to your customers' widespread desire for a dedicated Slingplayer app for the new Apple TV?  If you would at least let us know whether the software is in development, it could help many of your customers with their media streamer buying decisions.  Thanks for your feedback!

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            The Amazon Fire TV Stick's Slingplayer App is so seamless. I'd love to see this come to Apple TV. The AirPlay/AirPlay mirroring never really works as I'd like it to and makes your phone obsolete when using it. I hope they have an app in development.