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    Strange connection issues

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      Hey there,


      Sorry to trouble you guys. I have a slingbox M1 which has been working fine since August when I bought it.. I was watching a recording of the rugby world cup final, and suddenly got disconnected due to my hotel connection resetting.  I reset the hotel connection and could not get back to watching my streaming video using slingplayer on Windows 10.  I checked my home internet connection (I'm in the USA, but my slingbox is in the UK), and it said it there were authentication issues, although when I tested the broadband connection it was fine (my ISP is Virgin).


      So I'm thinking it is an internet provider issue maybe. However today (the next day) I tried using my slingplayer with my iPad, and it is working fine no problems - checking my slingplayer for Windows 10 I still have the same connection problems.


      Now I'm confused.  Can anyone help shed some light on what is going on?


      In case it is helpful the error message I get is:

      The Slingbox or Internet may be unreachable. Try connecting again.

      Click here for more information.



      Many thanks,