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    Keyboard control while in full screen video


      Used to be able to go into full screen and use keyboard commands to operate my remote control. Now keyboard commands don't work and I must mouse around on the remote. Very annoying, please bring back keyboard remote control commands.

      Mac OS

      DirecTV DVR

      Slingplayer in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox all affected. Chrome worked until the most recent update. Safari broke first, then Firefox, then Chrome. Please fix.

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          Same here -- Win 8.1, Slingplayer in Chrome and IE.  Makes the PC nearly useless to Sling to.  Please add the keyboard shortcuts back ASAP.

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            I downloaded the standalone desktop version but it is a hit and miss on connecting it your slingbox model.  It connects to my Solo box but not to my 350 box.  Company no longer supports it.  The desktop version does have most of the keyboard shortcuts (a few don’t work). For me, the left combinations keys like CTRL and SHIFT work but not the right ones. For me PageUp or PageDown does not work but dependent on your keyboard, it might work for you.  Anyhow, it doesn’t hurt to download the desktop version and give it a try.


            I downloaded SlingPlayer 2.0 for Windows, haven’t tried (download) the utilities or Mac version:





            General Actions Shortcut key(s)


            Power on/off            Ctrl+Shift P

            Channel +                +   or   =

            Channel -                 _ (underscore)  or  - (hyphen)

            0-9 keys                  0-9 numbers


            Viewing Options Enter


            Last channel            Ctrl L

            Pause                      U

            Menu                       M

            Clear / Back             Backspace

            Cancel                     Ctrl C

            Guide                       G

            Cursor Keys             Up/Down/Left/Right

            Page Up                  Shift +

            Page Down              Shift -

            Program Info            I

            Select                     Spacebar


            PVR Actions Shortcut key(s)


            Recordings              M (select from menu)

            Play                        P

            Stop                        S

            Pause                     U

            Record                    Ctrl Shift R

            Skip fwd                 30 sec. Ctrl F

            Skip bkd                  07 sec. Ctrl B

            Forward                   F  (multiple press for faster)

            Rewind                    R  (multiple press for faster)

            Cursor Keys             Up/Down/Left/Right

            Program Info             I

            Select                      Spacebar