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    Sling box soft remote control not working (Verizon FIOS and Motorola PVR QIP 7232 2)

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      I have a slingbox 500 which has been working fine for over a year. Recently I moved it from one PVR to another (exactly same model) and not when we turn on the PVR from a remote location it is stuck on the same channel and non of the control (manual channel or soft remote) work. I have tried resetting and sometimes when I test the remote during the setup procedure, it works. But them once I log off it goes back to default behavior. But most of the time even of I enter the PVR manufacturer correctly nothing happens.


      I am with Verizon Fios is Temple Terrace and I am using Motorola QIP 7232 2. One thing I noticed that the drop down selection only offers Motorola QIP 7232 and NOT 7232 2.


      Any suggestions would be welcome to get this thing to work.