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    I have a Sling Box 500 that I can't seem to connect to?

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      I have a one year old slingbox 500 that seems to get "stuck" for the lack of a better word.  It seems every time I want to access the box everything seems to come up ok but it is left on the last channel I was watching.  I can change the volume but not the channels.  Just the volume buttons work from my on screen remote.  I am unable to cycle thru my tv guide as well. I have gone thru the settings and even reset back to factory and with all this it seems to get back working.  I have found that if this happens all I have to do is go to the tv that my box is hooked up to and turn it on change the channel and then shut the tv off then the slingbox works ok.  This is ok if I am at home but if I am away and want to access the box then I am stuck watching the last channel.  this is getting very frustrating as it used to happen once in a while and now it is happening every time I want to remotely watch my tv.  Any suggestions would be great.