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    WD Live Sling M1 Issue

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      I have two WD TV Live streaming players, both with the Sling app installed, current and live on my network/internet via Comcast.

      Both players give me an error (code:22) informing me that the player firmware needs to be updated and to complete this through slingbox.com

      I have gone to the site, found my player and confirmed that my Sling M1 is on the latest firmware: 01.02.092.

      After full reboot of all equipment, I am still receiving the code:22 message on either of the WD TV Live streaming players.  Everything is as it should be and no new information is presented. 

      Using Sling on the WD TV Live is new to me, so I have not had this operational in the past.   I am really frustrated as this is not the type of Sling integration I am used to.  What could be wrong?  Please help!