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    M1player black screen via HDMI splitter

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      I have an M1 Slingbox connected to a Virgin Media Tivo box via an HDMi Splitter (Esynic HDMI to Component splitter)

      Their is no picture just a blank screen - however when I use the remote the virgin media channel identifier and all other remote screen shots appear - like details of my recorded programmes. However, when I press one of the programmes to play it just shows a black screen.

      Any ideas what to do to rectify?

      I have checked all cables etc..

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Sounds like the HDMI splitter is not stripping out the HDCP signal (which is fair enough, as it is probably illegal), and as the Tivo box is not getting a valid handshake from the Slingbox it is not passing the video.   Can you test the composite connection ?  I know it's only SD but that may be your only option, apart from buying an HDMI splitter that removes the HDCP signal.