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    Screen Flashes Black and/or Connection Drops

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      Recently purchased a Slingbox M1 and having multiple issues with connectivity.


      Accessing the M1 using a PC that is hardwired into the Modem, and connected to an HD television via HDMI input.  I also have everything running through a Pioneer receiver. So to access slingbox, I open up a browser, Chrome or IE (issue happening with both), log into account, and watch, operating system is Windows 10, but it happened prior to upgrading to windows 10..  While watching, the screen sometimes flashes black and the picture goes out for a few seconds, then will come back.  Sometimes, the connection just drops and I get an error that "Your Slingbox has been disconnected because of an internal error.or poor internet connection.  Click on Reconnect to try again.  Click here for more information.  P-16."  I called Slingbox and they told me i needed to be at the location where the slingbox was because they would try to check the router settings there and try all of this other stuff.  So i called them back tonight when i had someone at the location, and they were no help at all.  all they did was tell me they checked the slingbox and it was fine, so I need to check with my ISP. 


      Does anyone know why this might happen?  The people at slingbox said it might be a firewall issue, but im accessing the slingbox fine, so not sure i believe that would be the case.  The issue occurs after i connect and it randomly drops it so they said the issue is on my end, and the location where I am trying to access the slingbox, not the location where the slingbox is actually located. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,