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    Droid X - from Verizon, not supported yet????


      Have tried to locate the SlingPlayer Mobile app in the Android Market place from my Droid X - that was purchased today and the app is not listed. 


      Tried to purchase the app via the Sling media website without luck. 


      Is there a link where I can purchase then download the app? 


      I did call Sling Media customer support and was told that the new Droid X - was not yet supported.  Give the fact that SlingPlayer Mobile works with the current software that is on the phone (as far as I know) - I am not clear why the current app wouldn't work on the Droid X phone. 


      Is the app being blocked (by Verizon) for the Droid X ?  Does the app need to be updated or modified?


      Can the app be downloaded outside of the Android Marketplace?   If so, how?





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          This is unbelieveable that someone is blocking this app...either moto or verizon!!! 


          Slingplayer was the number one app I was looking forward to using on the new phone.....what a dissappointment.


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              Same here! 


              Slingbox needs to make Verizon/Google aware of this filter and get it removed.  This is, by far, the best multimedia phone ever released by Verizon and Slingbox can't cash in while the iron is hot.


              Between this and the iPhone fiasco, it's like this company is snakebit or something.  

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                  ok come on!


                  the slingplayer app is one of the main reasons i left my storm2 for droidx... and now i cant get the app???


                  this needs to be fixed immediately!



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                      eferz Expert

                      LOL.  Andriod users are like lemmings.  This actually has been explained in over and over in multiple existing threads.  The Slingplayer Mobile for Andriod is present in the Google Andriod Market.  It has been there for a couple of months now.  There's nothing that Sling Media can to do make it available to you in the Andriod Market.  That part is completely up to Google.


                      There's actually a couple reasons why the Slingplayer Mobile (SPM) for Android isn't showing up in the  Google Andriod Market Place.  This is because SPM is marked as a paid, copy-protected application.  Google uses filters in the Android Market  to manage access based on sanctioned country, rom, and phone  combinations.


                      There's a small subset of countries which have the ability to buy Andriod applications.  The country  is determined by the SIM in your mobile device not by physical  location.  So, you could get around Google's filter by using a pre-paid  SIM from one of the supported countries.


                      The other filter is due to the  application being copy protected.  Google will govern your access based  on the "/system/build.prop" file.  If it is sanctioned, then Google will  have its fingerprint saved it in their database.  This can prevent  certain phone/ROM combination and rooted access from seeing any  copy-protected applications within the Andriod Market.


                      The  following link best describes the issue and possible workarounds (http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-spica/98024-protected-app-market-fix-tutorial-build-prop.html).




                      Once you have the filters issue resolved you can use the following Quick Response (QR) code with Google Goggles to find the app


                      Or you can use this link as well, (market://details?id=com.slingmedia.slingPlayer)

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                  OK .. I just bought my DX and came home and went on the app store, searched for slingmedia, got the app for 29.99 and it downloaded itself and installed itself as well. It didn't even ask me what brand of cell phone?  It just downloaded and installed and OPENNED. It is playing perfectly now!!!

                  I did use WIFI rather than 3G to download.


                  I mean it was so simple!  I still can't beleve it since I didn't see the app for the Droid X listed but ..... what ever!  I'm watching it now on my X!!

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                      OK UPDATE:


                      I called slingmedia and told them of my success and this is what they said might have happened to make my Droid X download and work:


                      I was at home, using the SAME WIFE network my slingbox was on. I put the DX on WIFI also. Then I searched for "slingmedia" and got the app right away. I selected it and payed the fee with my AMX CC. Then the download started. So they are suggesting that since I did not use the wireless 3G verizon,  but used not only WIFI, but the SAME WIFI network my slingbox is on, the app was successfull. Also I did not even have to put my Slingbox ID number as MY network KNEW it and loaded it by itself. Sling did tell me that they cannot tell anyone to do this yet as sling has not yet put out the OFFICIAL Droid x version yet and they would be liable if it didn't work for everyone.

                      But I am here to tell you, IT WORKS. Now I did not try any other WIFI buy my home network that the sling box was on but it could very well be that if you use any WIFI, it will bypass the verizon and just let you download it. Of course you would then need to put your Sling ID in as it wouldn't be automatic. I suggest doing it the way I did if you are near your own network.

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                      Within the first day of getting my new X the slingplayer app finally showed up in the market.  When I made my original post I did not see the app in the market.

                      It works great on my phone now....


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                        Hi, markvrabel and all.


                        We would like to know if the information provided here helped you out. We'd love to know your results! Just make sure to post your comments. 


                        The Slingbox Answers Forum Moderation Team.

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                            Can't get the Slingplayer Mobile Application to download on my Droid X.  I click on "BUY", enter in all my credit card information then click on "SAVE", then get a message that says something like ATTENTION! There was an error/problem connecting with the server. Do you want to Retry or Cancel?  Tried doing this on 3G as well as on WIFI. Get the same result everytime. Tried using different credit cards to no avail. Called Verizon and they had me download other software programs successfully so they said it wasn't their server. Called Slingbox and they said they are doing Server maintenance and that might be the problem. Been trying to buy the Slingplayer Mobile for Android for 2 days now. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Do you think it's simply related to their server maintenance or does it sound like some other problem?  Please help!! thx,

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                                eferz Expert

                                Actyally, from what I've read sometimes there's an issue with Google's Andriod market for credit transactions.  I doubt it has anything to so with Sling Media's server issue since that process is completely handled by Google.  You might want to check with Google's Andriod Market support.

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                                  I have the same problem a few days ago. So i went directly to the website and download it from the web site.

                                  i'm watching tv as we speak now. My buddy has the same problem as well. We attributed that to weekend downloading so he tried it on monday hannah work fine. Hope this helps.




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                                im having issues downloading.  when i try to download on phone.  after i put in my info i keep getting server error.  when trying to download from android.com the page doesnt full load and there is nothing to select as far as buying it