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    slingbox 500 no sound


      Hi Slingbox. Can you please help with my Slingbox 500? I have 2 new HDMI cables and all new component cables. Look on Slingbox web site and looked on YouTube to show me how to set up my Slingbox 500. The set up went great but the only time I can get the sound to work is when I'm right in front of the TV and with the tv on using my iPhone 6 Plus or my iPad 3 I go out of my room no sound and when I'm not home I get no sound the Picture is great but no sound. When using iPhone 6 Plus or iPad 3 the software is up-to-date on the Slingbox 500 the sling player app on iPhone 6 Plus and iPad 3 ate up to date. What could be causing this and how and how to get the sound to work no matter where I go? Thank you for any help on this     everything was working great until  i got a new set  top box from verizon fios tv my tv is a HD toshiba