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    Roku 4 not working with Slingplayer


      Hello, I just hooked up my Roku 4 yesterday. It is wired via Ethernet and connected to the tv via HDMI. My slingplayer channel transferred to the new Roku 4 and opens normally but when I try to pass it off from my iPhone 5s there is no icon to do so.  I went into the gui and tried to get slingplayer to discover my Roku by entering the Roku 4 ip address and it says it has been located. But still nothing. I was in a chat with Roku yesterday and they had me do several resets and change a bunch of settings but still nothing. Is Roku 4 just not supported?

      If so, it's back to Roku 3 I guess. Roku 3 has worked great with slingplayer for over a year for me using the same connections and handoff from iPhone.

      Any thoughts/suggestions? I see Roku 4 is not listed in slingbox supported devices.

      Surprised at that.

      Thanks for any input.