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    My account was hacked.

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      I don't THINK it was hacked. I know it. How do I know it?


      1. When my wife was home last night, not watching TV, the TV came on and started changing channels. She said it looked like they were ordering something.
      2. I checked my DirecTV account, and sure enough, there was a charge for $29.99 for Vivid TV, which the internet tells me is some sort of Canadian **** channel.
      3. I looked at my account and a guest was registered as "Invitation Accepted." I have never sent an invitation to anyone nor authorized anyone to use the account. Nobody has the password but me.


      I use my Slingbox to watch sporting events when I'm at my business. That is the only use. Further, I know nobody with that particular email address.


      I have removed the user, but I have screen captures of all of it. Further, the guy posted the same email address on a FB thread to get game cheats of some sort, so I know who it is.


      What is Slingbox doing to secure accounts? Given the number of threads about hacks on these forums, the answer appears to be "not much."