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    25% upload problem

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      I'm encountering the "stuck at 25%" problem trying to reinitialize a slingbox 260 using a Mac.


      I've tried downloading the old MacOS X player, only to be told it's damaged and can't run.


      I then tried to use a windows 7 system, and it's stuck at "locating your Slingbox on the network..."


      It's been a year since the Slingbox post that a fix for the Mac issue was forthcoming. Will this

      ever be fixed?



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          alanrichey42 Master

          No    Because the problem occurs only on the older, unsupported Slingboxes I doubt Sling will bother to fix it now.   You will just have to persevere with a Windows PC.    I assume the network light on the Singbox is on and the PC is on the same network ?