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    Digital Over-the-Air Set-Top Box for Slingbox M2

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      I need to have a TV tuner that is on the Slingbox M2 recognized remote list for an over-the-air broadcast digital signal.


      I have a digital-to-analog converter box made by Digital Stream Technologies, Inc., model DTX9950, which is a popular model sold by Radio Shack, but this isn't on the Slingbox remote list. 


      I hooked-up an old Polaroid DVC2000 VCR/DVD player betwen the DTX9950 and the Slingbox M2, but since it's an old analog box, it can't be used as the "channel changer" for the Digital tuner.  So right now, I'm limited to having only 1 channel available to me at a remote location via the Slingbox.  Unless someone at the base location (where the Slingbox & DTX9950 is located) manually changes the channel for me on the DTX9950, I am stuck with just the one channel.


      I'd be happy to go out and buy an acceptable digital TV tuner with the appropriate antenna input and component outputs which are suitable to my Slingbox M2.  Can anyone recommend such a unit and suggest a place to buy it?