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    Chromecast 2nd Gen - Issues


      So I bought the Chromecast 2 mainly for its ability to use the 5G WiFi - everything but Slingplayer works with it.  I downloaded the new Free player app and while it does work ( and my previously paid premium level was recognized, so no ads ), the display begins to distort after a while.  The sound becomes choppy, the image is pushed to the top half of the screen and the bottom half is all diagonal lines.  Restarting the cast works but doesn't last as long - its basically unusable like this.


      Slingplayer with the older Chromecast also had issues, it would crash after a while also requiring a restart to cast again.  Someone at Slingbox really needs to spend time with the Chromecast and figure out why Slingplay is so unstable.


      UPDATE 4/22/2016:

      This is still a problem, here is what it looks like: