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    Roku 4

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      Anyone having issues connecting to your Roku 4 player? I have Slingbox 350 and my Android phone is stuck during the Roku discovery in progress.

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          I am having issues casting with my Roku 4 and slingbox 350 with both iPhone 6 and Nexus 7 (2013). Slingbox app finds Roku 4 when I "add Roku" but no cast button. Roku and Slingbox apps on the same network, IP address is static and less than 11 character (XXX.XXX.X.X), reinstalled app and channel multiple times, and rebooted roku.


          All out of ideas. Any help much appreciated.

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            Wanted to add my name to the list.....


            I just bought the Roku 4 too and was having the same problem.

            My Samsung tablet could "add Roku" but the Sling Player app wouldn't connect to it.

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                iphone 5s:  SlingPlayer ver 3.8.41 is able to discovery my Roku 4 and send the signal to it.  I do not have any Roku apps installed on my iphone.


                Samsung Galaxy Tab 4;  Slingplayer version 3.6.1 can "Add Roku Player" but still can't send the signal.  This app doesn't display the tv icon button on the screen.  But I do have the ROKU app installed on my Samsung and it works great.

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                Same here.  iPad Air and iPhone 6 will not cast to Roku 4.  Will find it when I do a IP discover but will not show it when I want to cast.

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                  I just got the Roku 4 and the sling box 500.  The sling box will send the signal to my iPhone but when I try to switch to the roku only my tv model comes up as a choice.

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                    ROKU 4

                    I was having the same problem finding my ROKU4 during discovery.  I have a ROKU2, ROKU3 and ROKU4 and all apple mobile devices.  Slingplayer could find my ROKU2 and ROKU3 but not the ROKU4.  After waiting 10 days for the next slingplayer update I went into my roku.com account renamed all three ROKUs.  I then downloaded a "ROKU" app and gave all three ROKUs the same names that I did in my roku.com account.  I then discovered I had an app called "Roku Remote".  I opened it and renamed all three ROKUs in it.  I wasn't doing this to make ROKU4 show up on the slingplayer discovery list, I was changing rokus names to my own, i.e. Kitchen.  I then opened slingplayer and all three ROKUs were on the discovery list. I have no idea which of these three actions or combination of actions worked but I have 3 TVs I can cast to and the TV with the ROKU4 looks a $129 better, I guess?  Hope this helps.

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                        Well I finally got my Roku 4 to show up on the casting list but like Karl, I'm not sure how.  I already named my Roku boxes before hand and still had the issue.  I suspect that while the Roku 4 does it's automatic update checks that the slingplayer app updated with out anyone knowing.  I've tried to find out a version number of the app and/or date of the last update but could not find that out on either Roku's and Slingboxes' websites.  I've been slinging since last week to the Roku 4 without issue. For those still having issue with the Roku 4, please try to do an update check first and try again.


                        Hope this helps.



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                            Got it to WORK based on above advice!!!


                            Rename All my Roku on roku.com.

                            Reboot Roku to update Roku device name.  System Update did not work for force rename.

                            Sling with Slingplayer App (old one too, not new FREE app version 1.0)

                                      - I always use the phone app as it shows it by serial #.  Easier to find my Roku I want to use.

                            Thanks all !!!!


                            Sling Player app date for Roku is July 14, 2014.  App in iTunes is July 11, 2015.  No apps on SlingPlayer has been updated.