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    Using Slingbox M1 with Xfinity X1 box AND TV pumped through Xbox One


      Wow, lots of "1s".


      I got a new Xfinity X1 box with HDMI ONLY. I have a Slingbox M1. We primarily use Slingbox so we can broadcast to our bedroom TV through an Amazon Firestick (so my wife can watch TV in HD while I play on the Xbox). Further, we pump our TV through the XBox One to continue to use XBox functions. Here are my questions:


      Is it worth it to get an HDMI/Component converter to continue to use the Slingbox the way I mentioned above? What's the best attack plan? I've read that you get a converter and an HDMI splitter. Do I need 2 converters? One in and one out? Further, since I now pump TV through my Xbox and not directly to my TV, does that make a difference in  if this will work or not?  Just wondering how worthwhile this all is and if there is a manageable way to make this work without degradation to signal.


      Thanks everyone!

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi JollyCAL19!


          If I understand your current setup correctly (HDMI signal going from the X1 box in to the Xbox One, and from the Xbox One to the TV), then I think we should stick with the theme and go with one HDMI converter.  The reason being that the HDMI converter (at least the one we recommend) doesn't degrade the signal, and I assume the Xbox doesn't either.  The Xbox should fit seamlessly into the setup.


          First, I'll just mention this article that discusses the HDMI converter that we recommend for use with the Slingbox:



          Basically, the converter will fit into your current X1 --> Xbox --> TV hookup by inserting the converter between the X1 and the Xbox.  The converter will also have an additional output you'll be able to hook the Slingbox into.


          Hope this helps!