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    Sling 500 Stream is Slow - Internet speeds on both ends are great


      My slingbox 500 was working fine for about 1.5 years and then all of the sudden the stream is slow. Checked speeds on both ends and they are fine. The slingbox is connected via either net cable. It may be coincidental that it was right after my most recent update to the new slingbox player but it is definitely operating at a slower speed. The picture is slow and will eventually lead to a disconnection. Any tips or further information anyone can provide would be great.

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          I have exactly the same issue!

          I contacted the tech support today and they told me my port is not open. which was true.

          Which is weird, considering I have not changed anything on my network in weeks, and I only have this issue since a few days.

          now I have opened manually the port on the router, but still no change. Support told me they still see the port is not open. I actually checked the port on the internet and it says it's open.

          it streams nicely inside the network, but remote streaming is super slow. Best bit rate I saw was 500Kbps, my network has (just tested from the router) 98MBpmns down and 8,9Mbps upload. seems more than enough.

          Now your message raises more than one concern...