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    Found a guest account created in my profile - hacked?


      So I have never setup a guest account under my Slingbox profile, but today I noticed that the slingbox was on and I'm the only one who ever uses it. I watched the TV for a while and watched the user surf around, watch shows for a while, then change again. That's when I went into my sling account (which now that its web-based is a nightmare to use), and finally by poking around found there was a guest account added to my account. I deleted it. I've also changed my Sling acount password, but I can't find where you change the actualy password on the slingobx itself (I have a 500). I've had several different models of slingboxes over the years but now I'm confused as to whether or not there's an actual passwod on the slingbox itself or not.


      During all of this I got a pop up in the Chrome browser telling me the extension had an update, so I let it update, and now I can't access the Advanced settings anymore, it tells my my version of Chrome browser doesn't support that, right after I updated the **** extension. This is typical with Sing software these days and I"m getting really tired of it. It doesn't support the Windows 10 Edge browser, so I'd have to install Firefox if I want to try and get to my advanced options. That's just crappy support. Also, where the **** is the email address to contact Sling support with these questions?


      Really dissapointed in where Sling has gone, from having an actual windows app to this **** support and **** extension brwoser softwere. I paid a $$$ over and over again for android versions, iOS versions, and now they're making it "free" with ads. ****. They said it would be ad free for those who paid before but mine certainly isn't, the new android version shows ads when I start it. Garbage.