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    HDCP with DirecTV / Slingbox still a problem(?)


      I have suffered the same fate of many people on here, with the new HDCP protection blocking all of my DirecTV channels.  Specifically, I have a DirecTV "Genie" DVR, a Slingbox 500, and a brand new Samsung LCD TV.  I read the posts here and elsewhere and have connected everything as was recommended, as follows:


      HDMI cable from DVR output to Slingbox input

      HDMI cable from Slingbox output to TV input

      Component cables from DVR output to Slingbox input


      I'm getting the same message as I was before when I try to watch TV on my web browser.  Is this a DirecTV-specific issue?  If so, what do I need to do to rectify this?


      Thanks in advance,