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    Player fails in Firefox 41.0.2

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      My Firefox browser recently upgraded to V41.0.2, now when I browse to newwatch.slingbox.com I am prompted:

      "Activate the Firefox SlingPlayer Web Plug-in."

      In the left panel, I see "Click below to activate the SlingPlayer Web Plug-in."

      ... but it's just a black box.  Click the black box?

      I tried that, nothing, the cursor (mouse pointer) flips between normal arrow and hour-glass-wait rapidly, like the slingbox page is trying to do something, but nothing ever happens.

      So I uninstalled slingbox from Firefox, re-install seemed to go smoothly, until this same "Activate the Firefox SlingPlayer Web Plug-in." page.

      Again, clicking the empty black box the cursor flips rapidly between normal-arrow and hour-glass-wait.

      Watching Task Manager, my CPU is running about 10% just for firefox.exe, and "Mem Usage" is continuously increasing, 200M at first bu now over 340M(!).

      Still no SlingPlayer.

      Ugh, you wanna get a guy really steaming upset, just get in the way of his plan to watch the football game!

      I am not seeing a "notify me" setting in this forum, so please shoot me an email if you respond here: jayro -at- ohmancorp.com