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    "Video Media Client Error -- this device is not authorized to be used in this home" Fios error


      Hey all,


      I set up my Slingbox M2 the other day, and though it worked the first night, I'm getting a weird error now. When I try to access my box, the error message in my subject is displayed on the screen, and nothing else.  When I power on the STB through the remote/keyboard, I get the normal Verizon Fios screensaver prompting me to click menu to watch the TV.  However, when I click menu as directed, the "Video Media Client Error" returns.


      I googled "video media client error" and the blurb for the error, but got no results.  Also, no one is currently at the house where the box is, so at this moment I can't see what happens when I work with the STB there...but the person there is not tech savvy so it's going to be hard to get them to work through options with me unless I have some clue what's going on before I approach that conversation. 


      Any ideas?  If it helps, it's a client STB and not the primary one, but pretty sure it's compatible with the slingbox.