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    Can't cast to Chromecast 2nd generation?


      Hi folks,


      I have the M1, and it works fine in every other way I try to use it, including when I cast from my iPhone to my 1st generation Chromecast.  However, when I try to cast to my newer 2nd generation Chromecast, nothing happens.  I've done a little searching and it seems I'm not the only one having this problem.  Any word on Slingbox possibly working on a fix to this problem?




      *update* I've since read that others were able to make it work if they used the free (but with ads!) version of the iPhone Slingbox player.  I can now verify that for me it does work but ONLY if I use the free version with ads.  Why on earth the $15 ad-free version doesn't work is beyond me, and this still needs to be fixed!


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