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    Connection problem!!!


      My cable box doesn't have component outputs, but uses S-video to send to TV.  How do I connect Sling box to cable box?

      See attached photos of the back of the cable box and the box of the TV

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi joelg!


          Thanks for the helpful photos!  It looks to me like the cable box has composite (red/white/yellow) ports that you can use to hook up the the Slingbox using those same color ports.  If you need to, you can use the red/blue/green component cables for this connection if you hook those cables up in this manner:


          Green cable --> Yellow port


          Blue cable --> White port


          Red cable --> Red port.


          Make sure you use the same color ports on the Slingbox as you do the cable box.


          If you choose to run cables from your Slingbox to your TV as well, again, make sure you use the red/white/yellow ports.


          Hope this helps!