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    Question - Solo / BT Home Hub 5 / Mac


      Hi there forum, i hope someone will be able to shed some guru like advice to resolve my issue...essentially i have exhausted my skillsets and because i love my ancient slingbox solo so much i seek anyones help here.

      I wonder if anyone can help me with my sling box Solo and Mac Mini ( Yosemite) / BT Home hub 5 problem

      Sling box solo : The issue of the firmware update hanging at 25% is well known for mac users - previously I was able to get around this bug by firing up my old version of Windows XP and updating as per sling box forum info.

      However I have now had to upgrade my home hub ( BT HOMEHUB 5 ) and I retraced my steps and installed and old version 1 of sling player on the Mac - but the sling box isn't found when I go into XP I get an error message that I am not connected to the Internet - even though I am

      Please offer some advice if anyone can my set up is old with an old Sky plus 180 and it doesn't support the HDMI newer versions of Slingbox.

      Bit of a mixed bag of problems i know

      But I'm hoping


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          Simply - i borrowed a Windows laptop and reset the Slingbox, connected the Solo to my home network by ethernet cable.

          Downloaded the latest firmware to the Solo via the laptop. Followed all the Slingbox directions for the player creating a

          new name for the sling box directory.

          All working again in under 10 minutes