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    Setting up remote viewing.

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      I am trying to set up remote viewing for my slingbox. It worked fine until Comcast replaced my router. Now I cannot watch my slingbox on my computer. I also cannot watch on my iPhone unless I turn off the wi-fi, then it plays fine. I know it must be a problem in the routers settings. I have a Netgear CG3000DCR. I go to the routers settings at There I go to Port Forwarding Add/edit. I add the application name "Slingbox". For the port range I use 5001 ~ 5001 for both public and private. For the IP address I use, which I got from the list of connected computers. I even checked where it says to enable. I am still unable to watch. Also, to add a strange twist, my slingcatcher works fine. It is hard wired into the same router as the computer. Any help would be graetly appreciated. Thanks.