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    WAAAAY Too Hard To Find Software on Sling Website




      I looked for a "website comments" or "contact the webmaster" link and couldn't find one (another flaw IMO).  So the post had to go in this forum.


      Does anyone else think it's WAY too hard to find software on this website?


      I am not a moron folks.  I'm not going to spew credentials, but sufficed to say I've been writing code and building websites for 14 years and I've got a train of developer certifications behind my title.  It took me almost 10 minutes to navigate to the place to download software for my albeit fairly old SlingBox AV.


      What happened to the good old days of "Support >> Downloads" or just "Downloads" as a link right on the home page?


      Sling makes great hardware and even a very "pretty" website.  But the navigation is terrible.  If anyone at Sling manages to read this... please get word to your webmaster that navigation is judged by how few clicks it takes to get something done.


      Best Regards