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    Give us an OPTION to REMOVE ads, for god sakes!!!

    ACC6453393 Newbie

      I have no problem paying for good software I did buy the ad free version of ios & Android aps and guess what they are for the most part great and no ads perfect. That said, the ad free premium option SHOULD be tied to your sling account. Obviously a user that buys a ad free version on a mobile does NOT want ads on the desktop. The ads are annoying, obnoxious & makes me want to not buy the products even more it's that bad. The ads on the desktop app are unacceptable and the pre-roll ad before it lets you connect is just awful. When I show my slingbox to someone, I get to show them how the desktop player looks like it came from a malware site loaded with ****. The amount of heat and bad PR sling has got over this has to be a losing formula over some ad revenue. The people at the top that made this decision should be fired immediately. The lack of sling actually listening to it's users is just a joke. Can we get someone in here from the higher ups that can actually make something happen? How much lost sales is it going to take you guys losing to figure this out? Just look at the reviews they are going down hill in a hurry myself included posting negative reviews on your products to make sure other people don't buy them. What is it going to take sling? How about someone gets in here and makes a change, we are so sick and tired of not being heard.