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    Error message "unable to stream (10)"?


      I have a problem streaming to chromecast UNABLE TO STREAM (10)

      It started to happen Yesterday everything was working fine for a long time, I think it has to be with an update because without doing anything it Started to happen

      The strange thing is that I have two Slingboxes One M1 and one 500 and 4 Chromecast an Ipad and an Iphone

      If I change directory two  my Slingbox M1  streams without problem on my 4 chromecast with ipad and iphone

      If I change directory to my Slingbox 500 UNABLE TO STREAM (10) in any chromecast


      I am sure I have not touch anything, only Updates (any update Comcast X1 Receiver, Chromecast or slingplayer update) changed something


      My M1 is in my local network with Directv

      My 500 is out at my office with Comcast X1

      Please HELP this is the only way i watch TV now


      Why My M1 Streams and my 500 does not ?????