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    Slingbox 500 not downmixing multichannel audio when streaming

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      I have a Slingbox 500 which I used to connect with analog cables, but am now able to use with HDMI. (And I need to keep it this way, since my cable box won't stream dual, and my A/V receiver and everythign else is connected by HDMI).


      My Slingbox is not decoding/downmixing the Dolby Digital stream from my cable box when streaming. I get video but no sound. I know this is the issue, because if I manually change the cable-box' audio output setting to "stereo", the sound appears instantly. This is awkward to do every time I want to stream though, and inconvenient since I want surround sound in my actual home.


      The article below clearly states the Slingbox is supposed to downmix any multi-channel audio and stream it in stereo, but mine does not:

      Slingbox.com - Can I stream surround sound audio with my Slingbox?


      So, is my box defective or am I missing something?

      Thank you