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    How to downgrade/roll back the latest Slingplayer for Chrome plugin update (Oct 2015)?

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      The latest Slingplayer for Chrome plugin update has broken my keyboard functionality.  Specifically, the arrow keys no longer work properly, and other keyboard commands are only transmitted intermittently.  When I hit the up or down arrow, it either sends the up/down command to my TiVo multiple times or doesn't work, so when navigating the bar jumps all over the place.  It's almost as if the slingplayer is sending a page up / page down rather than an up/down but the results are inconsistent.


      In addition, the on-screen remote now pops up every time you move the mouse which makes for a jarring transition from full screen.  You used to be able to hide the remote in full screen mode, and now it's not an option.


      After I had upgraded my first PC, I decided the new version didn't work for me and tried to avoid upgrading on my other computers, but unfortunately your only options are to accept the plugin upgrade or not connect to the Slingbox.


      I just want to roll back to the previous version of the Chrome plugin (until these issues are worked out) as that worked fine for me.  If anybody has the same issue or has contacted support about this already would appreciate if you can share here.