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    How can I Get passed the "Locating your Slingbox on the network..." Page? Unable to connect

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      I had to call three times to try and get this fixed but of course no help. I have been using my slingbox solo for 2 months and then one day it decides not to work anymore. The answer I got to this was that it wasnt suppose to work anyways with Window XP. Im not sure how this is helpful information since it had already been working with Windows XP. There sloution is to upgrade windows which I have not problem doing. The only problem is they told someone else the same thing and that didnt work for them. Is there anyone out there who has the problem of when your trying to re setup your slingbox solo it get stuck on the "Locating your Slingbox on the network..." page. Not something I have the time to spend all day trying to figure out. Any help would be great. Im sure you can since my frustration in this process. Oh and somehow a one year warranty expires after two months. Not sure how that works, PLEASE HELP!!!!!