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    Slingplayer For Chrome Won't Stay Maximized


      I'm trying to watch my Slingbox via Chrome on a second monitor and the picture won't stay maximized. It periodically shifts to the mode where the remote control shows up and an advertisment is shown across the bottom of the screen. Is there a way to lock the screen in maximized mode.


      By the way, if any Sling decision makers read this, all the advertising on the players is making me less inclined to ever upgrade or recommend this product to anyone else.

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          I completely agree and will be looking for a way to uninstall this upgrade if at all posssible! This is definitely a POOR User experience and the entire reason I use Sling Player is to avoid the ads once I launch the player! The coding of this upgrade is pathetic and the fact that the remote disappears, the screen jumps and that things do not stay the way I set them up on screen to watch them is a Lose/Lose/Lose situation!


          When Google comes out with their Sling-Killer, I may just need to jump...