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    New chrome plugin update issues

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      Just finished the new chrome plugin update.  Not because I wanted to (postponing the update is not an option), it was working fine and historically updates always have problems in my experience. Now that useless remote is on the screen in full screen mode (only when you first go into full screen mode or move the cursor).  There needs to be an option to remove it. Also, the cursor stays on the screen and doesn't disappear like it did before. Not a huge deal, but it wasn't an issue previously.  My biggest complaint is the up/down arrow keys used to control the up and down on the guide and on demand menus. Now they change the channel. My on demand is impossible to use, unless I use that ridiculous on screen remote.


      I have made posts before with similar issues and never had a response. Not even a "we'll look into it" or a "thank you for your input." I'm a pretty reasonable person who has referred a couple people to purchase Slingboxes. But if I don't get a response, the referrals will end. Hopefully someone sees this and at least takes a stab at correcting it.