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    Problems with Sling box App running on iOS 9

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      Still having issues with sling box running on iOS 9

      Slingbox M2, App installed on iPad 2,  streaming to Apple TV 2

      WAN is running at low data rates  (maybe 1-8 mbps, have no way to measure ) picture quality is ok when is is playing correctly 

      Lan has great bandwith

      Running app in video quality auto mode

      When playing program it pulses going from play to record every second or so

      I found that closing app ( hit home key on iPad)  and letting it continue to run in background  8 out of 10 times removes the problem and you can reopen the app full screen.

      But it will return after a few minutes. Seems like a timing loop had changed with the new iOS

      Change to SD and mirroring screen does not resolve the problem

      If you need more data or would like a video of the problem let me know, I can send it.