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    The &*)^& ads are back!


      For a blissful week or so, there were no ads on starting the desktop player (I'm talking about the annoying commercials that play while the player is supposedly "buffering").  Now they're back.  I've been thinking about this for awhile, and I've decided to write each advertiser and tell them I am making a point of not buying their products/services and will urge my friends and family to do the same because of their intrusive occupation of the Slingplayer that I paid for.  There is a quid pro quo for commercials on broadcast and cable television -- they pay for the entertainment I want to receive and, in return, they show me commercials for their products and services.  There is no quid pro quo for this -- the advertisers are giving me NOTHING but I am forced to watch their commercials every time I start up my Slingbox' desktop player (and Sling doesn't offer a quid pro quo either -- they received theirs when I purchased the Slingbox in the first place).  I'd urge everyone to do what I'm going to do.  If advertisers realize they are losing consumers, they'll stop buying time from Sling.