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    slingplayer not working on Windows 10


      I'm going back to Windows 7  because I can't get my slingplayer to work on win 10. I just got new tv service and had to reset my Sling box but I have the solo and I need to spearheaded my firmware but it's won't let me get that far cause.it's says it's not compatible with the web browser. Can someone please help!

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi Tony!


          Which web browser are you using?  I ask because Windows 10 features the new Microsoft Edge browser, but this browser is not compatible with our software.


          Take a look at this article.  It mentions which browsers (and their versions) and computer operating systems support our software:



          Hope this helps!



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              I'm using chrome. I got it to work but now I can't change the channel. Any suggestions?


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                I am having a similar problem with my ProHD.  I have tried to set it (it has been in storage for a few months) on my windows 10 PC with Edge, IE, Firefox and Chrome with no luck.  I keep getting the web browser is not supported (and they are all at their latest releases).  I have also tried on my mac with safari, chrome and firefox with the same error.  I tested my internet connection and I am getting 60 down and 9 up.

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                  I find it quite strange that you do not support the new win 10 with Edge. This is what Microsoft freely update all computers around the world if the customers want it. So I guess this is the new way of working.


                  And in that case also the new way of viewing if you want to sell more slingboxes. Right now I'm frustrated about the non working slingbox viewing, and soon about to throw the box out of my house.


                  And just to say that you are not supporting newer web browsers and so, are a lame way to get back to your customers. Sorry to say this, but you are living in the past if you still thinking that way. You need to support all new browsers or your company will go under. It is a newer world outside US, and if you are selling outside US you need to keep track on whats happening cause all happening fast here.


                  Right now I have Slingbox nb 3. All others boxes are retired due to new updates and unsupported in all possible ways. Now, the latest 350 that I got are not working anymore since of new updates from Microsoft, Chrome, Firefox...etc. So this is now taking to much money and effort to try to find solutions to watch what I have paid for. I have now three web browsers in the laptop, both 64 and 32bits. None are working. Antivirus and firewalls are turned off totally. Also bought new router Nighthawk 7000. And new computer are in house too, it is the fifth computer now and all possible way to connect between computers, tv's, servers, tablets, phones and all. BUT, not the small simple box called Slingbox. I'm not a rookie on computers so this is no problem for me, but still having this little box running makes my hair grey. I'm shutting down this for a week or so and might take it up again. During this time you can send this message to your top management. I hope I can get an answer of the future thoughts for Sling multimedia.