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    Setup 350


      I've had a old slingbox's for years "10" at least, i got a new 350 for the HD stuff and i'll tell you what, the whole development team needs fired ASAP. This new web plugins and apps are a joke. The old stuff just worked period sluggish and grainy but it worked. The newer stuff won't allow me to use the old player with the newer hardware. I write code for a living and if i wrote this my customers would fire my *** pronto.


      With upgrade this and update that just to have the web app to sit there doing nothing forever is a farce. I can't even get the web app to get me to the point of setting up ip's or ports on the new 350. How can you release this to the public. Don't tell me about firewalls and antivirus, it's all disabled.


      I'll uninstall the new **** return the 350 and go back to the old software with the old hardware.


      you should be ashamed of your interface team and support group.