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    Disconnect error W-202

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      Last month I went to slingbox.com and wanted to Watch my slingbox on my desktop computer. When arriving there, slingbox.com made me download a new update in order to watch. I then had to re setup my slingbox solo. Ever since I've done this update, my slingbox connects and starts but it disconnects every 15 seconds stating an error of W-202 saying that it has disconnected due to a bad internet connection.

      I've had no problems before this with my slingbox and it's been on the same network and in the same room since 2012. I've since done a hard reset and done a new configuration. Everything connects but it still get the error every 15 seconds or so. How do I fix this. Just blows my mind that Slingbox can't help anyone without charging them $29.95 for a phone call. This company sucks. I wish they had some competition so that they would start caring about their clients.

      On my mobile devices it doesn't seem to disconnect but it buffers every 15 seconds or so. Sometimes I get to watch it for a whole 45 seconds before waiting for the buffering to end.

      If anyone know how to fix this please let me know.