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    Using Slingplayer with new Chromecast

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      I just purchased the latest Chromecast the main purpose of which is to play my slingplayer situated in USA on my UK TV. I am disappointed to find that all the supported applications of the new chromecast play perfectly with the exception of the slingplayer. When I open the slingplayer application on my android phone everything works fine and the streaming quality is excellent. The problem occurs when I attempt to cast the content to my TV.This is what happens. Whilst viewing the slingplayer on my phone I select the cast icon on the top left of the screen. I then select the specific chromecast device which is connected to my TV. The screen on the phone then says switching to named chromecast and at the same time shows a moving blue circle as if it is trying to connect (but obviously not successfully). The TV shows the slingplayer logo and in the bottom left of the sreen says Build 1.0.42. Everything seems stuck at this point. Is any body aware of any current issues streaming slingplayer content using the new chromecast device?