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    Program Guide and other functions not working properly

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      I have an apartment in US and in Brazil so it's possible to come and go as I need or wish to. Recently I got myself a slingbox and took it to Brazil. Connected it by Video Component, set everything up and fired it.


      The good news is that the signal works. I've been able to see it in many devices such as on Macbooks, Notebook, Tablet and iOS devices, great!


      Now to the bad news: It looks like the device has a region lock of some sort and it wasn't possible to select Brazil in the dropdown menu at the beginning. That got me by surprise! After that I managed to find online some help on what was my setup box and got it to work.


      The guide won't load with the programming in Brazil. It DOES load, but from DirecTV's programming only. Turns out that DirecTV in Brazil is called SKY and they share the same equipments, probably that's why it works in part.



      How can I get some help to get it working properly in Brazil? It's just a firmware version or update, something like that that might need to be done.