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    I have a old red slingbox. I

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      I have a old red slingbox. It worked for years and now it doesn't.  The reset does not work.

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          Hello Ronald,


               Would love to help out with your issue. I will need to ask a few questions. What exactly is happening that makes you say it does not work? Are there any error messages? What are the light statuses on the front of the Slingbox. Please make sure that the power cord is plugged directly into a power outlet and not a strip or extension cord. Please get back to us with a bit more details on what the issue is. We can then give you better answers and options on how to get it working.


          Thank you!!


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              Hi Heather,

              I have been using this slingbox remotely at my office for many years.  All of a sudden, it quit and I get an error --- "Slingplayer didn't locate a Slingbox on your network."   I get the same message at my home where the Slingbox is directly wired.  It is plugged in a wall power outlet.  When I hit the reset button, the right red light stays on and the left one will blink for a bit then goes off.  I have unplugged and plugged back in the unit and still nothing.  I have changed nothing at my home or the desktop or wireless.  Thank you for your help.